The amazing art that comes from the skilled hands and creative mind of Ms. Steampunkonista.

Mar 26 Necklaces

Turquoise Fan    $ 30

Silver fan with inserted  turquoise and black gems with large turquoisse and silver center stone  with dangling heart

Turquoise Fan $30

Red Queen

Large intricate piece in back, with clock face and red crown, gold flower and  dangling chain

Forest Princess

Pink stone surrounded by diamonds with pink leaves

Victorian Charm

Gold frame egg shell decopage with circular pink and yellow rose below

Floral Swirl

Multi circular wire with dangling diamonds with gold beaded flowers

Floral Guild

Bronze backing swirling silver and gem flowers and silver button

Garden Guild

Doubled chain, worn bronze backing copper and gem leaves

Cinderella's Carriage

Silver bow with gems making 3-D silver gem piece and intricate chain


Blue wavy shoe center with circle gold behind dangling bead and gold bow

The Amazing Double

Two pieces in one .   On one side silver oval with flowers.  On he other power blue backing with white swans and three flowers

Floral Judge Medal

Intricate backing with clock face and pink leaves and gem flowers and dangling bronze gem


Yellow and white flowers with white dove and silver beaded chain

Floral Wreath

Silver wreath backing with flowers pink and gold and rose stones