The amazing art that comes from the skilled hands and creative mind of Ms. Steampunkonista.

Mar 20 Necklaces

$ 35

Crystal Butterfly

Detailed filigree with a watch body wire and crystals

$ 20

Royal Pink

Fancy filigree as a backing with bronze crown over pink rose with fancy chain with hangers.

$ 20

Flying Time

Gold ring at back with sparkling watch face with heart and wings

$ 10

Alligator Time

Alligator like backing with calendar face and bronze clock

$ 10

Jade Queen of Steam

Jade stone with cameo and gold and green beads hanging below, with watch pieces and gear

$ 40

Lady Time

Silver ring with black watch face, MANY watch pieces and chain with filigree and black flower.  Amazing detail.

$ 25

Butterfly Time

Ornate butterfly body, body watch body and hanger with bells. crystal and star

$ 25

Steampunk Cross

Religious cross with watch parts on a silver chain


Clockwork Locket

A truly unique piece.  This vintage four piece locket has many watch parts on the face.  

$ 15

Gold Pebble Heart

Gold filigree backing with gems and gears, with gold pebble heart and dangling chains

$ 20

Heavy Fairy

Large gold watch body with a bronze fairy and watch pieces