The amazing art that comes from the skilled hands and creative mind of Ms. Steampunkonista.

Nov 17 Bracelets

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Bead Bracelet

Two beaded circles on brass bracelet with fancy shoulders

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Swirling Love

A heart symbol with swirling colors and a silver plant.  With very detailed shoulders on the bracelet.

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Diamond Rose

A detailed bracelet with red rose and a silver diamond crescent.

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Pearl Flower

Two pearl colored flowers on a brass bracelet.

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Beautiful Butterfly

Brass Butterfly is the base for a beautiful handmade butterfly with shoulder brass flowers

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Pink Flower and Butterflies

Black bracelet base with pink flower and pink butterflies on shoulders

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Victorian Gold and Flowers

A detailed gold base with delicate pink flowers

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Blossom Burst

Yellow shells on shoulders with white flowers and a gold center.